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Xinjuyuan Group originated in 2002 and is a localized automotive industry group operated in Ningbo. It is a witness to the era of era cars entering Chinese households in 2000 and one of the earliest enterprises in China to obtain approval for automotive sales and operation qualifications from the commercial department.

Xinjuyuan Group has over 20 years of operational experience in the automotive industry. Its current business scope includes: sales of complete vehicles, operation of automobile dealership, ride hailing operations, international trade, parts supply, motor vehicle recycling industry, automotive aftermarket, etc.


The group is also a chairman unit of the Municipal second-hand car circulation association, a member unit of the Municipal New Energy Industry Chamber of Commerce, a member unit of the Municipal Taxi Industry Association, and a chairman unit of the Jiangbei District Automobile Circulation Association. It also has the qualification for second-hand car export approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.

The group has always focused on the regional market, emphasizing the inheritance and accumulation of corporate culture. We have accumulated rich social resources in the regional market. We uphold a sincere and win-win cooperation attitude and carry out sincere cooperation with various sectors of society.


We always believe

X-ideas and X-genius are power of forward motions

It will make us keep great

And we will become Leaders on the road of the future




Our Business

Who are we?

Xinjuyuan Group is an operator of the entire automotive industry chain from China. It not only has a huge automotive sales network and scale in China, but also a complete component supply chain. It has provided a variety of rich automotive products and repair services to over 300000 people. Starting from 2023, we will provide various automotive and component products from China to customers from around the world. While ensuring the high quality of automotive products, we also allow you to purchase from China at more favorable purchase prices.

Why we do this?

Within several decades, China's automotive industry has grown from ground up to being the largest in the world measured by automobile unit production since 2008. Meanwhile, Automotives made in China has earned more recoginition in Quality, Stability and Cost-effficiency. Resonated with this background, our humble beginning is to build this platform and help auto buyers from different countries get the best vehicles they look for at good price.

How we do it?

We sell used auto, new auto ,as well as spare parts . All used auto and spare parts we sell must go through rigorous inspecction before we ship them to buyers, this is to make sure our buyers can get their deals at affordable prices while not compromising the qualities. We also partner directly with auto makers and spare parts manufacturers. Aside from this, we have a dedicated team always at your service when you need information in regard to auto specifications , payment, shipment, custom clearance and after-sales services.


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